How do I create Multiplayer overall? Misunderstand Sync/Host/Signalling

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  • Hey there! Made a playtest version of my intentional game I'm excited to show off here:

    The overall concept is that, each player in the game is a party, all fighting the boss in the center, and completes these little mazes in order to cast spells and deal damage/heal/all that jazz. With this playtest in mind, I've finally approached Multiplayer and all of that within construct and have gotten completely stuck, and documentation is nice...but I don't really understand it, even when playing around with it.

    So my biggest problem: I have fully created the login menu, and this functions exactly as the pong-example one does, meaning it also works! Once fully logged in though, I cannot get "Connected as host" or "Peer" to appear as well as either players able to interact with one another through the "remote preview" button. (I followed the pong example EXACTLY).

    Any tips/tricks? Also if any kind souls out there are interested in sharing their knowledge and walking me through it on discord; Please do add me: BlueScarf James#0416.

    I'm quick to pick things up, but need more examples than the documentation unfortunately.

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