How do I create a Multiplayer Lobby without a player being the host ?

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  • I have gone through the forum and tutorials. I am still confused about one thing.

    What I want is to let players join a common Lobby where they see all other players. Then they can select to invite a player for a 1-on-1 game. (I can handle the 1-on-1 part very well).

    I know Blackhornet posted a tutorial on this: But the problem is, the lobby is created by a player host, and when the host disconnects, all the players are kicked (obviously). Which also defies the whole concept of a Lobby.

    Question is: Do I need to buy a separate Signalling Server (such as: and expect to have a Lobby (Host) running from the server-end instead of 'players becoming the hosts'. Would that work?

    OR. Can it be done without buying the signalling server and using the free Scirra signalling server as well? - if so, How? there are no tutorials for a non-player-host based Lobby.

    Please guide. Thank you.

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  • The signaling server is a service that connects hosts and peers. It doesn't have anything to do with a dedicated server/host.

    To have a dedicated server as host, you just need to have an always online server/computer, run your game on it, have it join a room first as host and leave it on.

    You can distribute "client" versions of your game with host events disabled. This will ensure your peers can never join a room as host.

    You can also use event conditions for your peers to ensure they do not join empty rooms, thus preventing them from ever hosting.

  • oosyrag Thanks for the reply. I understand better now. But just to conclude and confirm:

    1) The tutorial of Multiplayer Lobby at Scirra (by Blackhornet) would only work if the Host player (i.e. developer of the game) maintains an-always running version of the game online as a host server.

    2) The £15 Signalling server is not an-always running server? This purchase will not solve my problem then. Would it?

    Please confirm. Thanks again!

  • I am not familiar with the tutorial you are referring to, but "the Host player (i.e. developer of the game) maintains an-always running version of the game online as a host server" is correct, if you intend to have an always online dedicated host.

    The signalling server is indeed an always running server, but it does not run your game. It's purpose is signalling, which is a method to connect players over the internet. It would indeed not solve your problem. The Construct team already hosts a signalling server for free which you can utilize, and is generally sufficient for most people's use.

    A "server" can be any computer that is usually always on and connected to the internet. This can be your home computer, a computer in a data center, or a rented computer from a bigger company like Amazon or Microsoft. A server can run many things. In your case, you want a dedicated host version of your game running on a server, so people can connect to it.

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