Can I create a multiplayer game/chat room with a WLAN, but no internet access

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  • Hello everybody

    I have a question about the multiplayer plugin:

    I would like to create an app, which my students have to download at home. When they come to class I would like them to connect with their smartphones to a WLAN-router, which has no access to the internet (for legal reasons). Is it possible that my students connect to a chatroom (just for the class - just in the WLAN network) and send messages to each other? .

    From what I see: the chatromm template requires an internet connection to the signalling server. Is their another way, when students just are in the same network? Does anybody had a similar problem?

    thanks and best wishes


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  • You will need to host a signalling server on your local network. It can be purchased at

    This will require some advanced networking knowledge, and there likely will be very limited support from general users on these forums to assist in setting this up.

    Also, if you program your application to use a signalling server on a local private IP address, it will only work on that particular network.

    I would recommend getting internet access if you're going to teach using an online tool. Otherwise, you're probably using C3 for a purpose it wasn't meant for. There is other software available that may suit your needs better.

  • Hi oosyrag

    Thank you for your reply. It helped me a lot.

    In the short run I can use wlan chat software during lessons (and I have to switch between the quiz game and the chat room) and in the long run I can learn to setup a signaling server.

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