How do I create a metroidvania map?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am trying to prototype a small metroidvania game and I am wondering how I should create the map. I would like to have a map like Metroid or Axiom Verge, where the camera moves to the next room if you enter the portal/door.

    What would be the best way to achieve this? With multiple layouts, each for one room? Or one big layout?

    It would be also okay to just fade out if a room transition takes place.

    Thanks in advance and best wishes!

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  • Build it in a way where there are not tons of objects in one layout. Probably do one large area per layout.

  • Allright got it. So for example if I am planning to have 3 different areas, each area has one layout.

    Maybe one additional question I am currently thinking about: How would you create a mini map for such thing, so that the player can just see in which room the character is located at the moment?

    Would it be diefferent sprites, where the sprite, in which the player is, gets a different color?

  • That's an entirely different question you should create a new post as people may not see this answered post now

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