How do I create messaging UI?

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  • I tried to search, but found no proper suggestions. How do i create a messaging UI similar to any existing messenger (i.e. scroll-able bubbles with messages)?

    Asking only about UI itself (elements, scrolling), no actual sending\receiving logic behind, as all messages are stored in the array.


  • Use 9 patch for the background and text objects on top. Make them look however you want them to look.

    Edit: There should be quite a few scrolling tutorials and examples out there. Here's mine.

    And also the official examples

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  • Hey, thank you, oosyrag.

    One thing that bothers me the most is how to tie scrolling with message history. In other words, where in messaging history user is currently is. But i'll try to combine that with scrolling values.

  • For a dynamic loading system, you can use your scroll position as a trigger to determine when to load additional messages, and you'll also want to keep track of what messages have been loaded in a variable (an index value). You'll use this value to determine what messages to add/create as objects on your layout.

  • Okay, guys, consider this as a "hands up". I'm failing to make it work. I'm failing to wrap my head around it.

    I consider chat UI as a number of 9patch objects that:

    1. Go up and down all together (i.e. scroll);

    2. Being created on the go as user scrolls back into history.

    Kinda managed to make them move, but failing miserably to load new messages.

    I have an Array which is a messaging history, and thus code is supposed to check where user is (how far he scrolled) and interpolate this value to Array, get next message and spawn 9patch in proper coords. And that's a dead end for.

    Google is full of "how to make chat using %some framework%" but logic description is nowhere to find.

    Can anybody suggest something?

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