How do I Create a menu to type with gamepad?

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  • I have a menu I'm making and when selecting a file it goes to a naming screen if it's an unused file and then you can name the file the only issue is that I can't seem to get any letters to appear. I have a object that uses a global variable to select letters and highlight them to show what you're on and can't seem to find a way for the game to accept an input to add any text to my spritefont. Here is my project to see what I'm working with so far.


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  • I am personally a beginner in construct and I am still on my first game, but i seen your topic question unanswered, so i thought i would see if i could help you out. me and my dad had a conclusion that may work, try to set a instance variable to your text sprite, and have it where when each letter is tapped it sets value to the instance variable, and each number is linked to the responding key, but have it it to where after your tap it afterwards it move a space to the right so the next key doesn't override the first letter, it may work but its just a basic idea concept and if you have been here a while, you should take this basic idea and make it work, i will look more into it, and see if there is a better way if it doesn't work, but try to build on the idea.

  • ThatOneBirb

    I looked into it and I noticed the text disappearing when naming. To fix this first stop the player input from setting its opacity to 0 at start of layout. Then you just have to append text to your "NamingA" text input object when you are appending text to your "Player_Input" Sprite Font.

  • i just looked and seen you already have that, but do u have it where the big keyboard box sprite has the ability to tap individual keys, for GamePad, if you did, I couldn't see it because, a lot of the stuff got kicked out since I'm only free construct right now so I can only do limited amount of stuff or even see limited amount, but I'm going to try and make one myself and see if i can get it to work if i can i will post link to file, or post the file here.

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