How do I create "materia" with my own sprites?

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm facing how to implement and hard logic on my game.

    Here's a video of what I would like to do with Construct.

    The layout will be divided in Hexagons (or, simply, I could do square) and I would like to let the player draw with this kind of "hand-drawn materia".

    I previously create that "materia" in another way with a single sprite in a layer with Alpha-threshold effect on. The ones created mainly for "water effect". And it was really nice but I would like to try something more "personalized" like just adding to the Materia the white "grid drawd" you can see in the Materia in the video it would be nice. But I can't since there are a lot of objects in the scene that mix together and I can't create a single one, procedural, piece of Materia.

    I don't know if I was clear enough.

    I hope someone could help me facing some way to think that I'm not willing at.

    Really, any advice is really appreciated.

    Thank you guys!


    MoonMonky Studio

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  • I see that the video is not showing up.

    So it's here:

  • The vid was done most likely using sprite deformations.

    We don't have that ability.

    It's possible with Webgl, but we just don't have an implementation of it yet.

    Alternatives are quad deformation, Drawing Canvas, or perhaps combinations of those.

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