How do I create a listbox, i mean a listbox in android?

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  • im creating multiplayer game and i have encountered the problem that the listbox component works good in html5 and browser, but when it comes to android it create a weird thing,

    this is the browser on my mac

    this is the game on my android

    not showing a room even there's one, the user had to click on the list to see there's a room

    when the user click on the list

    after the user had selected the room

    are there any way that i can make it look like a real listbox on android, so the user

    don't have to guess that he needs to touch the list to see the available rooms ?,


    Carlos Abreu

  • agreed with you, even it is Construct 3, it was also happened with Construct 2 too.

  • please help!!!


  • I regret profoundly of have buyed this software, this community left a lot to be desired,



  • Does Contruct have some option for premium support, for similar problems, if user not get right answer on forum ? For example to buy 5 premium support ticket ?

    I now learning app and probably will work as freelancer and will making games for clients, but if i get some problem, i will need some better support ?

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  • I recommend you going to Unity, no matter what you ask, you will have an answer or a tutorial on how to solve or do it, this company created this software and didn't had have the time to create a video tutorial series done by the company on how to create some sort of advanced game with effects and everything, even buildbox have done that.

    thumbs down for the construct team.

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