How do I create a keyboard shortcut that act as Is Touching ?

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  • Hello !

    I made a kind of online drumbox where you can play with some techno loops.

    A button allow to make the kick roll (with two differents speeds).

    Everything goes fine when I use the touch control "Is touching", but when I try to create a shorcut with keyboard controls "Key is down/On release" it soudn very "clicky" with lots of artefacts.

    My guess is that it alterns very quickly between -150 and 0 db, but I can't figure why.

    You can test it there :

    To see the issue more accurately, after selecting a track and click on play, you can click on the green KICK button while holding SHIFT.

    If you click on blue button "kick roll x2/x4" it should sound ok (almost no clic while holding the clic).

    If you click on the Q/A or W/Z(qwerty/azerty) you should ear a lot of "audio clics" while holding the key.

    Does anybody know what I should do to have a shortcut that have the same behaviour ?

    It is possible to simulate "Is touching" with keyboard ?

    Here are my event/action if it can help :)

    (only difference is that for keyboard shortcut I doubled the event because there are two differents key, you only see one at the bottom the otherone similar except for the audio tag)

    Thanks !

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  • Your second event "Touch Is not touching Roll_Double" is triggered even when you hold the key on keyboard, and it resets the volume. You need to add another condition to it - "Key RAC_ROLL_DOUBLE is not down"

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks a lot dop2000 it works like a charm :)

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