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  • Hello. I'm trying to use a joint...seems like it will be a revolute join a tree branch to a tree trunk and make the branch 'spring' when the player drops on it, much as a small tree limb would spring when a squirrel jumps on it in nature. This effect would work much like a diving board.

    I have searched the manual, forums, Google, and YouTube, yet I cannot find out how to do this. It seems that I will 'set object's position to another object' and then create a joint, but I have experimented with this in Construct 3 and cannot figure it out.


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  • I apologize for posting a question and then immediately finding the answer myself. However, I'll post this in case anyone else has problems with this. I used a limited revolute joint and joined at the image point. I had tried this before, but I think it didn't work because I'm not used to Construct's different angle system.

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