Create Icon for iOS roll-outs - From CS3 into Xcode?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am working on an iOS rollout and discovered that the icons that CS3 sends over to Xcode are just the CS3 icon. I nkow with Android rollouts you change the "icons" inside of CS3 with the icon you want and that worked great. But the same method did not work with iOS. I have roughly 25 icons that I need to put into xcode(which I have done) but from what I can tell if I do an update and redo my xcode project I'll need to manually pull them in again.

    Is there a place in CS3 where I can add these 25 icons so when I export from CS3 into Xcode they automatically populate?

    Thanks for any ideas,



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  • Don't think so.

    I'm doing it in xcode for the first time and when doing an update I just copy/paste the "Images.xcassets" folder from the initial version to the new versions folder. It's the easiest workaround for it.

  • Good enough for me...great idea! I usually delete my previous Xcode session before going to my next version. But this is a great suggestion!

    Thanks and good luck on your next release!

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