Want to create "Football Manager" like game, need help on some mechanics.

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  • Hello good people. I bought Construct 2 license some time ago and usually was making very simple hobby projects in order to satisfy my creative part after the boring day at work. Now Im thinking about Construct 3 and a much bigger project. Want to create HTML5 game similar to "Football Manager", but much smaller in scope.

    Currently Im interested in how to create a top down real time football game simulation in Construct 3. Do not need anything fancy, just some sprites controlled by AI playing with the ball and from time to time scoring goals :) Basically trying to achieve some similar look to Football Manager 2005. Maybe someone created something similar? Or maybe some templates already exist for this? Im willing to pay money for those. Maybe there are some tutorials related to this, but I was not able to find them. Basically anything would be helpful and would justify buying a subscription of Construct 3 for me.

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  • simonlickus


    I would love to help you with this, I am currently helping someone else with a football manager aswell!

    If you would like to hire me

    contact me here:


  • LaurenceBedford Great, thank you. Will send you an email.

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