How do I create an endless game?

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  • Hello!

    I just got started with Construct 3 and don’t really know anything haha!

    So I created a game, where you collect coins and have to dodge „monsters“ so you don’t die!

    Right know it is like I got a solid „base“ and I can only move on this base. But I want it to be like the „base“ with the coins and the monsters on it is running down the screen and is never ending til I die and my character just moves left and right to collect the coins and dodge the monsters ! How can I do it??

    Thank you for your replies!!

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  • When you check Construct 3 's start page, there is a category "Templates".

    In this category there is a project named "Endless runner" which is the logic of what you are asking for.

    Start with taking a look at this template.

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