Create an easy to access upload point for students to show off their games on a private server?

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  • Due to the current shift to online-only learning around the world, I'm currently designing ways to teach my units with Construct 3 (thanks for the extra education codes too btw).

    This will run as a week-to-week unit, with each week covering a new aspect of a game that we'll be making together. I'll need to record myself building the game and provide unit outlines and all that.

    However, what I would like to be able to do is assess each student's work on a weekly basis to see if they were able to complete that week's task. Now, in our current educational portal, students can upload their .cp3 files, then I can download them and open them in C3 which will be fine. But I thought it would be cool if there was a way for my students to easily upload their weekly tasks to a private server that could only be accessed by us. Not only could I then play it through my browser (saving me the hassle of downloading/opening projects), but it would let other students play each other's projects and see how each one has interpreted the learning task.

    Is this something that can be easily set up? I'm kind of under the pump right now to build a bunch of units across subject areas, so I won't be able to spend days trying to get this working.

    Should I give up on this idea, or is it doable?


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  • this is what I do.

    I make a Google folder on Drive for each student. I share each individual folder with each student. I name the folder something like: TheirName_GameDrop

    When I start my lesson, they are modifying a c3p file and I have them save it to their respective GameDrop folders as they work on it.

    If they have a question or I want to see their work. I make sure they save, then I open their project, from that folder, on the Stream and everyone can see it.

    I also have a GameShare folder that a share with the entire class if I have small examples for them. Or they want to share their games.

  • Not a bad idea, might have to use it.

    Thanks Jobel.

  • yes it works well, the only stipulation is that the whole class has to use Google Drive.

  • I'll probably use OneDrive as the students are automatically given an account tied to their education accounts.


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