Is there a way I can create a day system?

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  • I want to create an RPG that has a concept of time, meaning I want to have days in my game and have the player play through them. I'm not sure that is possible or even conceivable with this software. Has anyone tried or know anything about this?


  • You can user timers for switching between different times of day, or do you mean detecting real time to match the morning to morning in the game or something?

  • Fun fact about Construct is that almost everything is possible with it if given enough interest and logical sense...

    Anyway, so you want a day progression system in your game(not real time but a ingame day system), as i understand...

    To do that you need a variable that counts days u can call it "Days", a variable to counts how much time a Day will last? in seconds lets say and call it "DayTime" and give it lets say a value of 3600 (3600 seconds = 60 minutes in real time, but we will make it run faster) and a text to show all that to you.

    C:> If variable "DayTime" > 0 | A: > subtract from DayTime 0.2

    C:> If variable "DayTime" =<0 | A: > Add to days +1

    |----Trigger once while true ------- set variable DayTime to 3600

    C:> everytick | A: > text set text to "Days: "& Days & "TimeLeftInDay: "& DayTime

    Have fun. How you use them and where you put them, to work with your project, you have to figure it out yourself, Construct gives you the tools you need, but you have to understand how to use them(see Manual and Tutorials), and apply reasonable logic, if you do that the sky is the limit.

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  • Wow thanks, I will work on implementing this into my game and playing around with it. You're amazing!

  • Days-Time-Progression (not real time) and here it is in Construct events.

  • If I want the time to go up in increments of 10, but pause for 5 seconds between each addition, how do I go about that? I've been playing around with loops, but I can't seem to get it to work.

    I added 'wait 5 seconds' before 'add 10 to day time' (used add instead of subtract because I want time to count up like a clock) in the actions section

  • i updated the file above redownload the file from the same link or press here

    if u want to subtract u just enable the 1st group and disable the 2nd one, then change daytime global variable to you target reset.

  • Nevermind, I figured it out by saying 'every X seconds' and making the X five

    Do you know how I can make the time count up like a clock? Like make the starting time 6:00 and have it count up in increments of 10 until it hits the next hour

  • this topic here might help you with the time display from seconds to hours days etc and formating display seconds to minutes to

    and then just increment the number in that topics every 1 seconds or 5 seconds. etc... like u did in the above file.

  • Thanks so much! I really appreciate all your help. I am doing this for my senior project, and you have helped me tremendously. I'll be sure to credit you and this post!

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