How do I create a "Choose your adventure" game?

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  • I am a complete beginner here. Still learning the basics of construct 3. Hopefully, I will learn how to make the game myself, but still wanted to know if any one of you have a code that can help me understand how I can create the game. I am not asking it for free, I can purchase the tutorial if its available in the Asset store. Please guide me on this.

  • What do you mean by "Choose your adventure game"?

    Do you mean a visual novel choose your adventure, a puzzle game choose your adventure etc?

  • Yes, I mean a Visual Novel, where a player creates his own story. Basically, a player decides how the story unfolds. He/she will be given 2 options, each option will lead the story in a different direction. I actually wanted to understand if I can do this by creating multiple screens, each taking the player to the next scene, or do I need to create if-else logics here.

  • Ok. Visual novels can be implemented without too much complexity once you know what you want. The core element is a dialogue system where you can store and retrieve the correct dialogue based on the player's choices.

    There's a few ways to do this but the most versatile would be using Arrays.

    If you can't find any links to visual novel tutorials for Construct I would begin by learning how arrays work using the C3 manual and some example projects.

    This is a C2 tutorial but the array object works the same in C3:

    This is a tutorial on a dialogue system:

    Essentially what you need to do is write your dialogue options for each player choice and store them in a way that you can intuitively retrieve the correct dialogue from the array when it is required.

    I would start simple by creating a short and basic conversation with a yes no response to each dialogue.


    Game - "Hello, are you having a good day?"

    Player Input - "Yes"/"No"

    Game for YES - "That's great! Do you want to play a game?" / NO - "That's too bad. Do you want to go to the park?"

    Player Input for Play a game? - "YES/"NO" / Go to park? - "YES/"NO"

    Game for Play a game YES - "Let's play!" / NO - "Ok, Goodbye."

    Game for Go to Park YES - "Let's go!" / NO - "Ok, Goodbye."


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  • Thank you so much for your help. Will go through the tutorials you just shared. Really appreciate your help.

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