How do I create a "Cards Against Humanity" style card game?

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  • How do I create (or find a Construct 3 template for) a "Cards Against Humanity (CAH)" style card game? To be clear, I am not trying to replicate "Cards Against Humanity" for profit. I am trying to create a game that has the same mechanics, but I would use different cards and only play my game with friends.

    It's worth noting that CAH has similar mechanics to lots of other card games (Apples to Apples, Superfight, Dixit). Considering the popularity of such games, I'm surprised I couldn't find a template --- on any development plaform.

    I would gladly pay for to purchase a template if one existed. And, I would imagine dozens (or, hundreds) of others would be interested.

    I did managed to find this multi-player card game: But, it would take quite a bit of tweaking to turn this into the type of game I am looking for. For example, here are the minimum number of tweaks I would have to make:

    - Have two decks of cards instead of one.

    - Deal 10 cards to each player.

    - During any given turn, one player would draw from one deck (black deck) and the others players would draw from another deck (white deck).

    - Display each card on the game surface so they don't overlap

    - Display each card a bit larger (to read what is written on each card)

    I wouldn't even care of the game didn't keep track of points. After all, I plan to plan this game with others using a Zoom conference. The main thing we really need is a way to randomly draw cards from two decks of cards.

    Other than me learning how to become a developer (which is my currently plan). Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this with less effort?



  • Yes the last bit, do that. You can't expect to make it after picking up Construct for one day. The things you described are fairly simple but you first need to understand the template and how Construct works. When you've had some practice with it then it will seem easy to add these things.

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  • Thank you. I will give it a try. Incidentally, I found a website where I can play Cards Against Humanity. But I would still like the ability to create any online card game I need.

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