How do I create a bonus system i a SHMUP?

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  • Hi guys,

    I am making a Shmup and I want to make a bonus system. When I shoot a series of planes down, then the last plane shot will spawn a bonus to pick up. But it will only happen I shoot all the planes down, but not necessarily in a fixed order.

    The three planes are created with a trigger activation on entering the screen and a Loopindex().

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! :)


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  • On enemy created

    Increment player instance variable "bonus target" by 1

    On enemy destroyed

    Add 1 to player instance variable "bonus counter"

    If "bonus counter" = "bonus target", spawn bonus.

    You'll need some way to differentiate groups and time out the bonus. I'd use an invisible helper sprite per enemy group. Each enemy can store the helper sprite's uid on creation to keep track of which group it belongs to. You can use this helper object instead of the player object to store instance variables as well.

  • It is the differential enemy thing I am struggling with. But I just have to give it a go again. Thanks anyway mate. :)

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