how to create a board game ?

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  • Hello, I recently launched into the creation of a small mobile board game, thanks to the community on construct I was able to create a prototype (board, dice, 1 player (no name or skin) but I cannot implement another player or even create events when we reach a certain square

    Can you help me ?


  • Here is the empty board I would like to use

  • If you can clearly identify what you want to happen (actions) and when you want them to happen (conditions), then you will be able to continue putting your events together.

    As for the board, the computer cannot interpret it (spaces, progress) for you, so you'll have to either describe positions through numbers mathematically, or use helper objects. For example, you could use an invisible sprite object called a "space" or "step" and place them where you want them to be on your board. These objects can have an instance variable numbering them in order so that you have a way of identifying each unique space in terms of it's position and progress along the board track.

    This instance variable can also be used as a condition to determine what happens when arriving at that spot.

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  • Hello with the help of your advice I managed to make sure that each square is identified the player that moves according to the number that the die gives but I cannot find how the player 1 plays then gives his turn to player 2 ect .. and I can not either make a menu that will give the possibility of choosing the number of players

  • One way to keep track of player turns is to use "states". You can keep track of the state of the game by using a global variable.

    If you make a global variable called 'PlayerTurn', you can create sub event conditions like after the dice is rolled, pick the player object that is the same as 'PlayerTurn', move it, then increase 'PlayerTurn' by one. Then the next time you roll the dice, it would move the next player object.

    Then add an event to reset the variable back to 1 if it is ever greater than the number of players present, to account for a variable number of players. The total number of players can be set by another variable.

  • Thank you very much for your help and advice

    I will be able to get back to it thoroughly

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