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  • Hello.

    my goal is to be able to add new animations to my sprite directly in game.

    how could i do?

    I already know the method to create a new sprite using the selectfile.

    out there I would just like to be able to create new animations in the sprite directly in game.

  • According to me it depends if all the possible sprites are already predefined in the game.

    If so, you might just build an interface to save a sequence of sprites in an array.

    For example: you make 1 sprite with 10 possible frames. You create an array and populate with numbers 0 to 9 at runtime, and you make a routine to loop through the array and set the correct frame.

    If, on the other hand you want to upload your own custom sprites at runtime, I don't really know...

    You can find plenty of examples of looping through arrays on my youtube channel, for example in the bubble shooter

    changing animation frames at runtime is easy, for example found in solitair when flipping cards around :

    I hope to have helped you

  • You can load images into a sprite in runtime, but you will need to create this sprite and add a bunch of empty frames into it in the editor.

    Then in runtime you load a new image into every animation frame, set animation speed and you get yourself an animation.

  • with that piece of code can I come and add my image in the animation?

  • Sprite Set animation frame

    then Sprite Load Image from URL

  • Hello I can't load the image into a sprite in a frame.

    I try to make a set frame my it asks me for a number.

  • This will load an image into frame 5. If you need to load images for all frames, run this is in a loop.


  • Hello then I managed to replace the already existing frames with my images.

    Except if I create 2 different instance the 2 instance changes despite my condition to have the same uid.

    here is an example on a C3 project that I created for the rental.

  • Pick object by UID=object.UID makes no sense, it will pick all objects.

    Can you explain what exactly you are trying to do?

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  • that allows to spawn 1 single instance on the object.

    because if I remove this condition the object will spawn on all my instances.

    the problem is not here.

    the problem is that if I create 2 instances and I want to modify only one specific instance they will change all the instances.

    off I tell him the condition well.

    ObjectElement = Object.UID

    outside this instruction does not seem to be taken into account.

  • I still don't understand why you need UIDs, especially since you don't have a single sprite instance on the layout. Try this version:

  • the concern is that if I create an instance of this object and modify it all the objects will also change their image

  • Yes, when you load an image, it will be loaded into all instances, even on other layouts.

  • well that's precisely the problem.

    a person on discord advised me to use several animations for my different instances.

    I will try.

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