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  • Hi there,

    I'm very sorry for the large and unspecific request, but I've been going round in circles reading about Construct3, Facebook Plugins, Facebook Instant Games Plugins etc. for a fair while.

    I have a fair bit of Construct 2 experience, less with Construct 3 if I'm honest and I have no idea how to host games on a facebook page.

    Simply put, the company I work for want to increase engagement on their facebook page and know I have some experience so thought they'd give me the opportunity - unfortunatelly beyond actually making the games the same way you would if they'd be hosted on kongregate/the scirra arcade etc. my knowledge is lacking.

    Obviously in light of recent facebook....issues the less information we need off players the better - this is purely for engagement.

    But if anyone could provide a simple step by step for getting a C3/C2 game on a facebook page I would be extremely grateful. I've been having a whole lot of trouble.

    I am also aware I'd need a professional license - that would not be a problem.

    Thank you,


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