How do I create 3rd level deep menu with sprite/frames?

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  • Hey C3! Hope the Holidays have been good to you.

    So I've run into a bit of a wall using sprite frames especially when it comes to menus. I created a test project which mimics my long term project very closely and was able to duplicate my results.

    Essentially, when you click one of the 3 purple sprites, the 5 yellow sprites change frames. 3 categories show up (animals, sports, food):

    Step 1 (start-up - the 5 sprites are now transparent in frame 0)

    Step 2 (categories show up)

    Step 3 (click on the animal frame to bring up dog and cow)

    Now I want to click on dog and bring up one more menu to feed / water him. However it doesn't load right (image loads dog and cow then immediately loads feed / water frame):

    I've tried so many different combinations and global/instance values but nothing seems to work for me. I appreciate your time and suggestions! Included is a link to my scaled down, test project for reference.

    Snap-shot of code

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  • Have you tried using the system > Else statement on the conditions?

    Since C3 loads code top to down, i have experienced issues using for example:

    On click > Animation frame is 1 > Set animation frame 2

    On click > Animation frame is 2 > Set animation frame 1

    So if i dont use "else" in between there, construct will do the first event if the animation frame is 1, but if i click the first button, it will change frame to 2, and run the 2th event instantly after.

    So, try to add a ELSE statement.

    Example from my own game code(ignore the UID part):

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