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  • Hello everyone,

    I'd like to make a screen which simply shows todays date and system time, counting down to a certain, specified date.

    Lets say i wanna count from June 1st to June 15th, displayed as simple text in days/hours/minutes/seconds. It's important to have it count down, as i want to show how many days/hours/minutes/seconds are left until this specific date.

    Is that even possible with construct 3?

    Now i get how a normal countdown works but i couldn't understand, how can i specify a certain date in a variable and then get the difference to the time right now (while the code is running), which i need in order to set the countdown.

    If anyone can help me out, i would be extremly thankful.

  • Works great!

    I am curious if you can break the formulas down a bit.

    I am not to familiar with Java Script input.

    Set unixDate

    Browser.ExecJS("new Date('" & textDate & "').getTime() / 1000")

    Please tell what the formula is doing.

    I can only assume it is translating textDate into Unix.

    If so is it the date only or does it include the time?

    Why divide by 1000?

    set difference


    Why divide by 1000?

  • JS code converts date (textDate) into Unix Epoch Time - number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970

    "/1000" because that JS function returns milliseconds, and we need seconds.

    unixtime is a C3 expression, it returns current system time in unix format, also in milliseconds.

  • Thanks for the example.

    Set unixDate
    Browser.ExecJS("new Date('" & textDate & "').getTime() / 1000")
    If unixdate is a C3 system expression, why do you use js?
  • unixtime can only return current time. So to convert any date/time in the future you need to use some external function or addon.

    Rex's "date" addon can also convert to unix time.


    Actually, you don't need to use C3 expression and can calculate the remaining number of seconds directly in JS:

    Set difference to: Browser.ExecJS("(new Date('" & textDate & "').getTime() - new Date().getTime()) / 1000")

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  • Here you go: ... e.c3p?dl=0

    Hi and sorry to bother you with this old topic but do you know how to do this but online?If I use system date people will hack the countdown for a specific action in my app XD

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