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  • Hello,

    I have been trying to have a counter before the game starts like 3...2...1 i made an sprite and had four frames which had frame0: empty frame1: 3 frame2: 2 frame3: 1

    And selected no speed so i could change the frames manual. but when i trie to do this in the eventsheet it changes to frame1 but when nothing happens? Do anyone no what i am doing wrong?


  • Hey mr inkoqnito

    never use wait like this. It only causes bugs. Also a global boolean is not necessary. Better use a instance variable. For the countdown use the timer behavior or do it like this:

  • Hello Kriand,

    I am using an global variable because it determines when the game is running, and i thought it should be avaible for all gameobjects?

    Anyway i tried the timer and i got it to work sometimes and sometimes not, I want the score not to show until the countdown is done and it works most times but not all the time, Sometimes the scores shows up immediately and start to count up and the animation freezes on the first frame. Is this a bug or something i done?


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  • I have mistaken 'IsPlaying' for 'Animation is playing' and not 'game is running'.

    I can not say for sure what causes the bug but be aware that you can click/touch invisible objects and buttons to trigger something.

    Try not to update text every tick because that costs performance. This may not be relevant in a small game like this, but in future projects try to update text every time a value changes.

    Here is how i did it:


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