How do I get the correct image to show up in the correct square?

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    I'm making this demo as a proof of concept - think blackjack.

    There is a deck of cards, cards randomly appear face down. The player taps the random cards, they cards flip over to show the face of the card. That part is simple.

    This is where I get stuck - There are 5 card slots on the top of the screen. Each time the player taps a card I need that cards animation to appear in one of the top 5 slots. When the player taps on the first random card that cards value needs to show in the first slot, using the first deck (pack1) and the value needs to appear in the bubble beside it.

    Is there a demo for that? I've gone through every demo I can find, but I'm not sure what it's called, so searching is a little random. lol

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  • On card tapped you set the next free slot to the card.value. You would need logic to work out which slot is free, or if card data is stored in an array which is common then you can use a second small array for the slots and add the data for each card tapped to the second array.

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