How do I copy/paste between projects on mobile(Chrome)?

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  • Hello. I can't seem to figure out how to copy/paste objects, etc between projects on mobile using Chrome. Long pressing an object in the project bar only allows the option to clone within the current project. Long pressing an object in the layout seems to offer the option to Copy, but when I click that nothing appears to happen. Afterwards, nowhere do I see an option to paste the object either in the current project or another open project. Is this functionality just not available on mobile?

    I've tried this with "Use in-app clipboard" selected and deselected. The only indication I get of something trying to work is with it deselected I occasionally get a "failed to copy to the clipboard" notice.

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  • Hi, I have the same issue on my iPad/Safari.

    I reported the issue and got a response from Scirra saying they have made some changes and will see whether it works once the next release is out.

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