How do I copy/merge Families to another project without losing variable on objects? Merge projects?

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  • Hello there

    Is there a way to do this instead of recreating all the variables and assigning those values for all the objects on the family on Construct 3?

    I have 14 mini games that I want to merge into one single project, but if I make the copy/paste layout and event sheet method, all the family properties are lost.

    I really need to maintain those Family variables information. All minigames have at least 1 family with 20+ objects. It's too much stuff to manually input.

    I'm trying this method for construct 2 with no success (I may be missing something, as the script is a little different in c3)

    Thanks a lot


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  • I replied you in that old post.

    I suggest you make a small test project with a couple of sprites and a family, and practice on it first before attempting to change your main project.

  • EDIT:Posted my answer here, since that was on the Construct 2 forum

    I tried to make two simple projects with families and variables and merge them together. It does indeed work perfectly.

    Just have to copy the files (making sure that there is no duplicate names) and edit the ".c3proj" file, adding the new objects, layouts, event sheets, families,etc on the specified lines. It is very important to put "," on every entry before the last one of a section, as it indicates that there is more "content" to be loaded.


    "objectTypes": {

    "items": [ "Circle_Obj", "Square_Obj", "Triangle_Obj" <- Last one ],

    "subfolders": []


    Also, using the new desktop version of C3 helped me to speed up the process, as it allows you to save projects as folders, so you don't have to ".zip" everything an change it to ".c3p" afterwards.

    Now I'm trying to merge that simple project I mentioned with my main one, but no success until now.

    Maybe the subfolder structures I have are making things harder.

    I'll reply once I figure this out...may be helpful for lots of people.

    And thanks a lot!

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