Copying over layouts, layers and object folders to another project?

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  • Hello, looking for some advice to help a relatively big project we're working on as a two person team.

    To avoid any conflict we're working on separate project files. I'm building up the scenes in one project while Morganov works on programming in the main project. This means that every couple of days I need to copy over any new or updated scenes.

    Currently we copy and paste-in-place layouts. The original layouts have been organised with object types in subfolders to organise layout specific sprites and there's also a structure with the scene split over several layers. When we copy the layout over all this structure is lost though.

    So, my question is:

    Is there a way of importing layouts along with all layers and objects sub folders into a new project?

    Any other top tips on team collaboration would be awesome to hear too!

    Cheers, Ceri

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  • You can try manually copying and editing json files, but this is a complex task.

    It's possible to work in collaboration on one project, see these tutorials:

  • Thanks for the tips dop2000 Will check out these tutorials.

    We've realised as we work through using our current method that although there's some duplication of file / layer setting up, it slowly gets less and less work. If we do some forward planning we can predict the structure that will be needed so that it's already in the main project and therefore copies are pasted and updated into the correct folders rather than defaulting to the root folder.

    We'll get there I'm sure!

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