How to copy the image in one Canvas to another Canvas?

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  • Hello,

    How to copy the image in one Canvas to another Canvas please ?

  • Good,

    After many attempts, I finally succeeded not without difficulty.

    Can you tell me why it only works if my

    source canvas is above my sprite?



    Après de nombreux essais, j'ai fini par réussir non sans mal.

    Pouvez-vous me dire pourquoi ça ne fonctionne que si mon

    canevas source est au dessus de mon sprite ?

  • Also, isn't there a faster way to do that ?

  • No one can help me and tell me if there is no way to simply copy an image from one canvas to another canvas?

    Because reading the pixel-by-pixel image of canvas 1 and then copying the pixels onto the second is a very time-consuming step!

    Maybe the possibility to add a specific function

    to do it in another version of C3?

  • Hello

    I just did the test with the file taken in your drive. Whether the canvas is below or above an object it works. I can copy and paste. I tried with Construct 3 r138.2 beta


    Je viens de faire le test avec le fichier pris dans ton drive. Que le canevas soit en dessous ou au dessus d'un objet cela fonctionne. J'arrive à faire le copier-coller. J'ai essayé avec Construct 3 r138.2 beta

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  • Hi,

    I have 138 here, and it doesn't work if my object is above the canvas (and the canvas below), the canvas must be above the object for it to work !

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