How do I copy a group of functions to a new event sheet without them getting renamed ?

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  • Hello;

    I have a group of functions in one event sheet. I want to move them out to a library event sheet and include them in the original event sheet. Its just house keeping.

    When I copy the group to another sheet it puts a two on all the functions end.

    When I delete the group from the first event sheet it deletes all the function calls.

    If I copy the group, then delete the group then paste it onto the second sheet it doesn't put a 2 on the end of them all, but it still deletes them all from the first sheet.

    Let me know if you have a way of doing this.



  • The new functions are global and don't need to be included explicitly. So just creating a function makes it available on any event sheet. That is why you can't have them named the same.

  • Just cut the group in the first sheet and paste it in to the second sheet. All the function references disappear when you cut, but they come back when you paste. I just tried it and it works OK.

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  • Ashley;

    Yes, cut works and paste. Copy and paste and delete puts the 2 on the functions--so cut worked fine.

    Thanks lots.



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