Convert 2D construct array json to javascript 2D array?

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  • So construct arrays are java script objects with some metadata about the array, i was wondering if any one has come up with an alogirthm to convert that json to a pure Java script array and back? I'm asking so I don't have to reinvent the wheel if its been done before.

  • I don't have a way currently to get both directions, but my json manager plugin will take a js sub-object and convert it to a c2 array/dictionary.

    Don't know if this will help you or not.

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  • Array.asJSON, when parsed as javascript gives a dictionary with an entry with a 3d array. Do you really need to convert it?

    You could build your own array with text from the array before passing it.

    global text arrayText = ""
    every tick
    -- set arrayText to "["
    array: for each x
    -- add array.curvalue&"," to arrayText
    every tick
    -- add "]" to arrayText

    Then just pass arrayText when you call some js.

    You could also build a 1d array from it after passing it, or even just use it directly. I mean say you did:

    browser: execute js "myfunction("&array.asJSON&")"

    then in that function you'd access stuff like this:

    function myfunction(c2array)
    	// access value at x=22[22][0][0];
    	// access value at x=3, y=2[3][2][0];
    	// access value at x=13, y=66, z=5[13][66][5];

    Notice it's always a 3d array.

    If you want to convert the 3d array to a 3d one then just go for it. It's the standard type of thing to do when writing code.

  • thanks!

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