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  • So ive bought construct3 licence today. In deep hope, it would solve our main problem we have since weeks now. Videos on IOS11 arent playing. In construct2 they where playing on devices with a ios version lower than 11. But in construct3 event those devices with a lower ios version doesnt show the videos right now. Basically i thought it would be an apple update problem. But untill Construct3 is in beta (but offers the builds for mobile right now) it seems to be a engine thing i guess....

    Some experiences here? I would need help with this, because it seems, that no one is using videos in apps...........and there is no feedback or support by apple or the developers of constructX.

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  • I tested this very recently and it was working. It's slightly improved for the next C3 build too. The main thing which catches people out is you cannot start video playback unless it's in a user input event. So you have to touch the screen before the video will start to play. On other platforms it can autoplay, but on iOS you must touch the screen. If you don't you might think it's not working.

  • Ashley

    Hey Ashley,

    i had a trigger button to start the video files. But i am glad it worked with your device - but could you tell me whats the difference between your file and mine?

    ive made a project (link below) with a construct2 and a construct3 file for testing. If you could tell me whats the fail in my files it would be awesome, because i cannot detect the problem.

    please note: the playback only doesnt work on ios11 devices if iam building with construct2. If iam building with construct3, the video file doesnt play on any IOS device. At first i thought its because apple did some changes in their api for video playback, based on html5 canvas.

    The project is released and worked, until ios update11 was dropped out. On those devices the video doesnt gets loaded. I can send you the link for this app, if you want to see it.

    So thats the reason iam confused. I like to work with your engine and i want to develop games in future with it too (thats the reason i bought the licence for c3) - but i have to know why some features doesnt work and if its kind of "fixable" and more important how.

    I would be very very glad, if you could help me out with this problem iam fighting on a few weeks... but its difficult because i dont know what to do and how to fix the video issue by my own.

    Link: ...

    Thank you very much!

  • I can reproduce here. I'm not sure why it's not working so I filed a bug:

    In future if you have a simple project that's not working, you can just file a bug for it yourself.

  • Ashley

    After some tries i could build an version, where the video plays on the app but only in fullscreen mode (construct2 build for cordova).

    Could it be possible that after the ios11 update there is an issue with the "playinline" function, which is needed to play videos inside a ingame canvas?

    Can this be fixed?

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