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  • Hey

    I started using Construct 2 in 2013 for a game I had to make at work. I haven't touched it much since.

    After seeing Construct 3 had been released I fired up the demo to see how it handles video now. It seems to do okay. I have a lot of cutscenes I need to display over the game (while disabling game controls as they play). When a video pops up, you can pick an option, and then either another video plays or it cuts back to the game.

    I have a few questions before I bite the bullet and purchase it:

    • Is it able to handle a lot of video? I plan on using hundreds of clips. Will it eventually crumble under the weight of itself?
    • Is the MP4 / OGV / WEBM thing still an issue? To my knowledge, all modern browsers play MP4s now.
    • Does Construct 3 handle video any better than 2?

    Apart from that, I think it meets all of my needs.


  • One odd thing I already notice - when I save the game, if I have a 40MB video file, it seems to save it all each time. Why is this? The video file doesn't change. As soon as I delete the video file it only takes a few seconds.

    If the video size (of all videos together) is eventually 2GB, does that mean each save is going to be 2GB? It would seem so at the moment.

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  • No sale then, I guess

    Thanks anyway

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