Construct and Spriter Challenges...can someone help?

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  • I tried posting this question in the Spriter Forum, but to no avail. So I was hoping someone has come across this issue before...

    Here is my situation... I have an animation in Spriter of a body that has just the neck stub. It just bobbles a round a bit nothing big during an idle animation. I have another Spriter animation of a head. I would simply like to "Pin" the head to the Neck stub so that it bobs with the animation. Here are the things I have tried

    * Created an Action Point on the Neck and then referenced it on System Tick in construct 3. I would then set the head.x to body.objectx("neckpont") and head.y to body.objecty("neckpoint"). That just blinked the head all over the place

    * Tried the Pin behavior in Construct 3 - No movement

    * Tried the Pin to Object behavior and specified different image points - No movement

    * Sacrificed a goat to the animation gods - No movement

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to a resource that would illustrate this working, or tell me what needs to be done. Thank you!

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