How do I get Construct 3 running in desktop app mode without it losing my preferences?

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  • I'm using Construct 3 in app mode (Google Chrome feature where it opens in its own window as if it's a native app.)

    Sometimes, Construct 3 will have its local storage nuked seemingly out of nowhere, even while I'm using it, leading to strange issues like not being able to preview, etc. When I open the about menu I can see the local storage size is gone.

    When I restart Construct 3 I have to log in again, set all my preferences and window layouts and install addons again. This has happened twice in the last day now.

    I'm guessing it has something to do with the red error message saying that the browser may not persist the storage, but when I try to request it, it fails:

    I've tried bookmarking the editor in my normal Chrome browser window, and I'm not sure what it means by adding it to the home page. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a straightforward way to remedy this? Thanks!


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  • I may have just answered my own question. Looking at the help page, I saw this:

    which prompted me to check my disk space:

    So I'm guessing something is happening when it thinks there should be space (279 gb?) but there isn't, and it just clears it all out.

  • I would guess browsers automatically clear their storage when you're running low on disk space to try to help free up space. If you make sure there's more free space on your disk that should help.

  • Yup, that seems to have been it, and explains why it started happening much more frequently all of a sudden. I wish there was some way for Construct to tell me that there was a storage issue, but it looks like it didn't know (said something like 280 GB free.)

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