Construct 3 failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 project.

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  • Was working earlier. Now I can't open my project... I get the following error.

    How do I recover my project?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit 1:

    Ok, so I was able to track down the issue.

    I deleted the corrupted JSON files (objecttypes.uistate and projectfiles.uistate) and was able to open my project. Now, I don't know if deleting does files will cause any subsequent problems. Are does JSON files created when saving the project? Everything seems to be running fine without them.

    Edit 2:

    The JSON files are created/updated when saving the project. So I think I'm in the clear. Don't know why they got corrupted. At least next time I'll know what's up. Should have checked the console 3 hours ago... Crisis Averted.

  • uistate files contain editor UI configuration specific to this project (things like column widths in event sheets etc.)

    So yeah, they are not important.

  • Any bug that prevents you opening a project would be a high priority to fix, but we have nothing to go on unless you can file an issue following all the guidelines (we need all that information to be able to do anything about it).

  • dop2000 That's what I realized yesterday when researching what does files were for. I've only started working with Construct a month ago so I'm still a newbie. I work as a teacher in a college teaching programming and I was asked to help in the creation of a game development club. I didn't know about Construct before it was pitch by one of my colleagues. So far I'm having a blast, and I am really hyped thinking of all the ways this software can be used to initiate students to programming. Using diagrams and any other visual aid is an excellent way to get the switch to flip for a lot of the students. Plus, most if not all of them play or are into video games. Anyways, I'm sidetracking, thank you for sharing your knowledge and time Dop.

    Ashley My apologies, I found the GitHub and the bug submission procedure after posting the thread. I will definitely go through the proper process next time. But hopefully there won't be a next time ; )

  • I think you also contacted our support email - I updated Construct to handle invalid UI state files and just ignore them, and that change went out in today's r189.2 patch, so it shouldn't happen again.

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  • Wow, stellar! Thank you Ashley. And yes, I also contacted support.

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