How do I construct a delivery shop app?

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  • If I wanted to sell physical products, is it possible to construct a delivery shop app using IAP?

    The user can pay for the product using the IAP feature, but how would I go about getting the user's physical address, to make the delivery?

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  • You would be much better suited using established eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce

  • There has to be a way to do it, using Construct 2. I don't want to use Shopify. I'm trying to create my own app.

  • Iap is for digital goods confined to the respective app.

    Most stores should have licensing that points that out.

    You would have to go with some third party service that deals with this like Paypal, etc.

  • You could still use C2, you'd just call the webpage within an iframe using one of the HTML plugins.

    I'm sure you could theoretically build a shopping cart in C2, but you'd have to hook in a mail server and a database using PHP and MySQL; and there's hundreds of edge cases you'd have to consider: What if a customer wanted to change or amend delivery details? How would refunds work? Would the shop be restricted in certain areas? How would currency conversion occur? Every app store to my knowledge prohibits the sale of physical goods via IAP - you'd need a "real" payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal for it to work.

    As these problems compound into a mighty one, and relying on a third part solution may be the easiest answer.

    If you simply need a way of sending a message (such as text fields for an address form) - I'd look for email plugins (to my knowledge there aren't any - I know, I was surprised!). From a technical perspective you can send data from C2 to a web page with JSON, and from a webpage to an email with PHP; but I've never done this.

  • Thanks for the speedy reply, guys!

    I agree. Relying on a third part is probably the best solution.

    ... So, you're saying it is possible to create a delivery service app with Construct 2, but only if use the Paypal serveice, etc., instead of using the IAP feature. I understand.

    Are there any decent tutorials showing one how to integrate websites (iFrame), and Paypal with Construct 2?

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