Construct 2/3 save and load feature vs local storage

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  • Okay so I'm a bit baffled right now what is the difference between these 2 does local storage only save variables and save and load that's built into system saves everything. So which is better to use for a rpg game for multiplatform PC and android etc. Thank you

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  • To make a simple savegame is better to use the save/load, it is the easiest way.

    But local storage is very useful, for example:

    If you want your game to be completely reset each time the user starts the game, but you want to keep the level of the player and the levels unblocked.

    You only save these few things to a local storage.

  • Rasputin Alright thanks so much for clearing that up. If you don't mind me asking have any of your games had trouble with save files when you update them.

  • I think so. If you add new content to your game when the user loads a previous game could be some errors.

    For example, if in the version 1.0 the life of your character is represented by 3 hearts and in the version 2.0 you modify this to be represented by a number from 0 to 100.

    When the user loads a game on your 2.0 version that had been previously saved on the 1.0 version....the user will see the 3 hearts, or if you have deleted that sprite probably he doesn't see anything. can avoid this using the condition >On game replace old elements.

  • And what do you mean replace old elements?

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