How do I connect bluetooth AR gun to game pad to phone?

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    Anyone ever work with an AR Gun?

    The game, running on my phone, connects to the gun via Bluetooth, using remote preview. That part is all good.

    I assume that to use the gun I need to install the game pad behavior also - so I did that.

    Where I get stuck is:

    1. Don't I need to tell the game that it needs to use the game pad on the Bluetooth AR Gun?

    2. In the drop down what option do I use for the trigger?

    Every gun will be different, but there is no 'gun trigger' option.

    Thank you.

  • Hey, cool gun!

    1. You don't need to tell C3 to connect bluetooth gamepad, but you might want to check if it's connected using "Has gamepads" condition, and display a message to the player if there are no connected gamepads. Or revert to a different controls method.

    2. If there is no manual for this gamepad, all you can do is try different buttons. You can make a small app just to test gun buttons. Something like this:

    On Button A pressed : Text set text to "Button A"
    On Left Shoulder Trigger pressed : Text set text to "Left Shoulder Trigger"
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  • dop2000, I googled 'C3 gamepad' & guess what came up? Our site. lol I forgot we had gamepad examples.

    I plugged in an actual gamepad into my computer for testing and 'A' works for firing, I think it's the gun. New gun will be here a week from today.

    Thank you for the information.

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