How can i make this Complicated LED system?

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  • you can do something like this:

    For "x" from floor(Sprite.BBoxLeft/16) to ceil(Sprite.BBoxRight/16)
    For "y" from floor(Sprite.BBoxTop/16) to ceil(Sprite.BBoxBottom/16)
    ..Create Dot at loopindex("x")*16, loopindex("y")*16

    Where "16" is your grid size.

  • is their any way by which i can create no of dots to cover width and height of Sprite.

    For Example:

    there are a couple of ways on doing that, either making a bunch of image points on the edges of your sprite and then create dots from point 1 to point 2 and so on, or use canvas plugin to detect the color and pixel position but that would be to complicated and for mobile would eat a lot of performance, or use the bbox left right top etc.

    but since is a circle, and if it spins is still a circle, the dots won't make any animation no matter what cause there is no change in the shape is always going to look the same. the led system is meant for odd shapes like rectangles, triangles etc, circles aren't one of those, cause no matter the angle you put the circle at or position it will still look like a circle.

    id just make a sprite with dots on it and put a webgl color effect to change colors based on movement progression or some random factor.

  • in my game almost all of objects are circles because there is a reason and reason is I am not a graphics designer, To avoid graphics i choose circles and square for my all games. all my previous games made with circles and squares.

    dop2000 you helped me a lot on this, I am still struggling on other issues but i don't want to bother you again until I tried my all aspects.

  • Don't need to overcomplicate things.. Just use the polka dot effect... change frame of the sprite depending on color with different collission polygons.

    Here's an example:

    if your color matches you can survive in the same color... if not you die.

  • tunepunk its OMG!!

    I was never aware about this effect. its awesome. Really I made things really too complicated.

    Thank you a lot man.

  • tunepunk Thanks! Now I feel like a fool :)

  • tunepunk Thanks! Now I feel like a fool :)

    dop2000 No You are not fool. I know you are a genius. You helped me many times. I remember this.

    Someday I would like to help you too.

  • tunepunk Thanks! Now I feel like a fool :)

    Not a fool. I just stumbled across the effect a while back while checking what some of them do. I still havn't tried all.

    Just so happens that particular one would be kind of useful in this case, so i made a quick test and it seemed to be doing what he was asking for.

    I just got lucky.... if i didn't stumble across it i would be scratching my head as well trying a similar approach to what's been suggested here.

    Not bad solutions... this one was just a lucky shortcut for that kind of effect.

  • Needs some antialiasing.

    Im thinking you could maybe do the same thing with tiled background and a blend mode on a layer.

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  • using effects on multiple objects will slow down the performance

  • Needs some antialiasing.

    Im thinking you could maybe do the same thing with tiled background and a blend mode on a layer.

    Yes they are not smooth. needs antialiasing.

    May be i have to use my previously found way.

    First create few dots to cover the big sprite and then move them to grid wise. and by that way i can use many shapes instead of circles like triangles, squares etc as many shapes I can use for LED type

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