How do I completely remove an addon?

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  • Ok, in short, I want to use the new "experimental" runtime of construct 3.

    Previously, my project used these two addons: RexMove_To and LiteTween. Now I have removed EVERYTHING related to these two plugins; including the same plugins from the addon manager. However, every time I want to open my project, C3 asks me to install the plugins (Move_To and LiteTween), and if I don't install them, my project can't even be opened.

    P.S. I tried the "safe mode", it didn't work.

    P.S2: They are the only two unofficial plugins that my project contains.

    What can I do to completely remove everything related to the Move_To and LiteTween plugins from my project?

  • Install the addons, open the project, then right-click the project name in the Project Bar, and choose Tools > View used addons. That will tell you which addons the project uses and what uses them.

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  • There was a deleted object in the layer (but not in the object bar) that still had the Move_To behavior.

    Very useful answer, thank you very much!

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