How to completely deactivate the touch?

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  • Hello :)

    What is a way to deactivate the touch completely?

    My problem is that after the touch, the advertisement appears and the aim is fixed.

    It's a simple golf game. Shoot the ball using (touch-drag-touch end).

    Variable setting and group inactive were attempted.

    *When the variable "TOUCH" variable is 0, the "Control Group" is operated,

    When the variable "TOUCH" is 1, "Control Group" is not operated.

    *Deactive deactivated the group before the advertisement created. And after the advertisement, the group was activated again.

    I've tested both, but they don't work.

    Strangely, the touch doesn't work. well.

    But I'm holding the click when it's not working, and when the ad comes up,

    After the advertisement is over, the aim is fixed.

    Can you give me some advice?

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  • What condition are you using? Complete, loaded, ready are different to when the ad is actually playing. You can change the variable when ad 'is showing'.

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