Compare a part of a value in array?

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  • Hello there

    I have phrases text as values in array. I would like to compare just 1 word of the phrases, so one part of it of the values.

    For example:

    I like mushrooms

    I like spaghetti

    How do I compare the cells with just the word 'mushroom'?

    I can't use 'Contains value' for this, because that's only for the whole value.

    Can someone help me?



  • Hiya,

    Is there a definite need for the whole phrase to be in the array? You could possibly structure your game so that you have phrase + variable and the variable is always a single word from the array, but I don't know your game.

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  • Hey thank you for your reply

    Yes, the phareses are needed, it's for a newsfeed simulation: notifications of different characters.

    If the player is deleting a character, every notification that had already been pushed to a queue in array of this character (finding notifications with the name in) must be deleted before it will be pushed to the actual newsfeed array... Maybe I can push on the Z axis the names beyond the notification of a certain character to recognize it, but I hope there is more easy way...

    kind regards

  • Hmm still difficult to understand the game as I cannot see it but maybe you can push character name with the phrase, so name is at 1,0 and phrase is at 1,1 ? There is probably an easier way to do what you are trying to achieve. if you're saying some notifications get pushed to a main array specific to a character then you could identify this in some way outside of the phrase. If you have very few characters maybe you could call from several different arrays?

  • Splitting name & notification (x and Z) seems like a really good plan!

    Thank you very much for your advice and options!

  • Maybe You could find the word in an array with something like this.

  • hey Siscoz

    Thank you very much for your advice and mock up!

    I took over your 'tokenat' tip succesfully!!

    I didn't know how to use it for an array

    kind regards, problem is solved!

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