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  • Hello!

    I am from the Netherlands, hope you understand my question :) I try to design fences, trees etc for a game.

    I use a pre made color palette from lospec. For example there are 20 colors. Every color has 8 different shades, from dark to light.

    For example (from right to left) i pick the 2nd color for light surfaces and i choose the 4th color for shadow surfaces. (a fence pole in topview)

    My question: Do i ALWAYS use the 2nd color for light and 4th for shadow? For every object? So, a light surface is always the 2nd color, whatever the object is?

    OR can i also use the 5th color for light and the 7th color for shadow. Do i lose my consistency when i combine this?

    Can i use different object together, some with 2nd color as light surface and some with 5th color as light surface?

    The consistency is that i always skip 1 color between light and shadow.

    I hope somebody can make this clear to me :) Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you understand!

    Thanks again!


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