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  • Spent a good bit trying to figure out why my objects weren't colliding, finally resorting to the forums.

    I have two objects, both with collisions enabled, on the same z elevation, that just will not acknowledge that they are colliding. As a note I'm working on Chrome (school computer).

    The first sprite, Ob1, has 8Direction with angle disabled, collisions enabled, and the polygons are in working order. It did not collide with a different object i used to see if it was detecting anything, nor did it collide with the object it is supposed to.

    The second sprite, Ob2, is Orbiting at a speed of 100, match rotation disabled, bullet enabled, collision mask using the polygons (that are perfectly fine), with collisions enabled. This object isn't detecting collisions either.

    The goal of the collisions is to move to a new layout, the current one being the third (all the others work correctly with their collisions), and the event for this is

    + Ob1: On collision with Ob2

    -> System: Go to Layout 4

    Am I losing my mind here? The event is identical to the ones I use in previous layouts, and those have no issues at all. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  • Can you share a capx file, possibly via dropbox or similar?

  • Solved, when i was setting up the layout it was partnered with the wrong event sheet.

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