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  • So I'm getting adventurous, and want to have moving platforms. I've noticed theres more than a few ways to do this, such as using platform behavior to go left/right,until hitting a box which toggles the opposite movement; or the same setup with 8directional ; or even just setting an exact pixel amount. I've decided to use Sine Waves. they're easy to randomize and happen to have a lot of potential. my problem, is that while using platformer behavior, i tend to fall through moving platforms. as theres hundreds of ways to do anything, i figured id see if anyone else had similar issues, and if/how they were able to get around the problem.

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  • Did you perhaps forget to make the moving platforms 'solid' ?

  • Did you perhaps forget to make the moving platforms 'solid' ?

    yeah, it was a speed issue. the platform itself was moving above the sprites image point causing it to fall through while moving. slowing down the platform helped.

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