How Do I Collide With Enemies?

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  • Hi people I have a problem my player won't collide with any new enemies. I'm using a template which I bought online and they already have the HP and lives system set up but when I copy the events on the sheet in both manually and copy and paste the player won't lose life. I also copied the level to make a new one so I'm on level 2 now not sure if it carries all the settings to the next level or not. also I've checked my polygon and I've changed it I'm also not sure where to put the origin to I've tried every one but I left in the middle for most of the last tries. Any help cheers. :)

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  • Hard to say without seeing the template. When you have a new layout did you include a specific event sheet in the the layout properties? Does that event sheet include other event sheets where the enemies or your health is located in?

    By chance, do you have at least one copy of the enemy outside or inside the layout for it to register?

    The only other thing would be is that in your order of events everything is indented exactly the same as the template has it. Or, if you copied it directly from the template, one of your objects is not properly named or specified in one of the events.

    You might have to contact the creator of the template.

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