How do I clone object types at runtime?

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  • Actually, this is more of a "is it possible to..." type question. I'm creating a 3D game, using C3's new 3D features. To simplify the process of creating the levels, I'm only placing horizontal surfaces in the editor, then I'm generating the walls at runtime. Each wall is an instance of the same 3D object, with different objects used for the textures on the visible faces, and I'm using Tiled Backgrounds so that the textures wrap nicely across the walls.

    It's working pretty nicely, but there's a catch: I have to create one Tiled Background object type for every texture in the game.

    What I'd like to do instead would be to create new object types at runtime, assign them a texture (using the "Load image from URL" action), and then use that object as the face of a 3D object.

    But it doesn't look like there's a way of creating object types, right?

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