How do I click a set of buttons based on a json data?

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  • Hi, I have a 3 sets of buttons (btn1, btn2, btn3) and when you click on each, it plays a different sound. Now I am trying to find a way when I click a different button like play button, this would read an array or Jason file with data like [1],[3],[2] meaning it will auto click btn1, followed by btn3, and btn2.

    Any guide would be appreciated.

  • So far I created a global variable called ButtonClicked

    Then I created a func called OnButtonClicked and added sub events as seen below

    Now I have a play button which when I click, I want to be able to play the sequence but how do i pass the sequence data to the function?

  • It's better to change ButtonClicked variable to function parameter, then to play a sequence you simply call this function multiple times with different parameters:

    Call OnButtonClicked(3)

    Call OnButtonClicked(1)

    Call OnButtonClicked(2)


    If you have this sequence in an array or JSON, you need to loop through the values and call this function in the loop.

  • How do you set the value in the call function as suggested

    Call OnButtonClicked(X)

    Call OnButtonClicked(Y)

    Call OnButtonClicked(Z)

  • You need to add a parameter to your function. Right click and select "New parameter" or press P on keyboard.

    Parameters in functions work like variables, but you can set them directly in function calls.

  • Yes I know that but feeding the values is where I could not understand. What I have just done now is this as a test:

    Set Array object values as follows: Width = 1, Height = 1, Depth = 3

    On start of layout: set array value at 0 to "2,1,3"

    So in debug mode you see this in array: Data 0 = 2,1,3,0,0

    When I click the button, it only plays the value 2 and ignores the rest values.

    So it looks like doing "2,1,3" is seen as one value rather than 3 separate values.

    How do i insert more than 1 value in the array so it should look like 2,1,3 rather than 2,1,3,0,0

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  • You need to set array size to width=3, height=1, depth=1

    If this doesn't fix your issue, please post your project file or a screenshot of events.

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