Clarification Request: "Set Scale Rate"

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  • I'm working on adjusting layers at certain times and then shifting them back.

    However, what I don't fully understand is how the "Set Scale Rate" works. Setting the scale immediately makes sense, if it's X at one point, setting the value to Y takes immediate effect.

    With Set Scale Rate, my assumption has been that it works something like a built-in lerp or the new Tween behavior. Meaning, if the initial scale value is X, it will gradually move to Y once it is told to set the scale to won't be an instant update.

    My confusion comes in during an initial test...

    I set the scale rate value for a few layers at the start of the layout then triggered some events to adjust the scale. As before, it updated the scale of those layers immediately...there was no indication of "rate" or "gradual" as I supposed.

    Clearly, I'm misunderstanding things but cannot figure out what, exactly, I'm missing.

    For specifics of what I'm trying to do, here's the .c3p

    Event line 1 (look for the actions towards the bottom of the first even line; ignore the sub-events) and the group event starting at line 96.

    Could someone clarify this for me, please? THANKS!

  • This setting has nothing to do with time. "Scale rate" is a confusing name, it should probably be called "scale factor" instead.

    When you change layout scale to 2 for example, this setting defines how each layer will be scaled. With layer scale rate set to 100, this layer will zoom to 200%. With scale rate 50, the layer will zoom to 150%.

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  • OH! So basically it's a FRACTION of what the CURRENT scale is.

    Similar to how lerp works out a value between [start] and [end] values given the percentage between them.

    I understand now. Thank you very much!

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